We hired Dave Fagan to come to our facility in Virginia to service our Super Jet envelope press. When he got here, not only did he repair the Super Jet, he ended up repairing our 3-inch press as well. In addition to his unsurpassed knowledge of repairing and maintaining jet presses, he also has experience, and a deep understanding of running them.

It was great having him here. We look forward to having him back to continue servicing our presses.

Brandon Randall

Owner, Elite Envelope LLC - Harrisonburg, VA

When we decided to get into printing high volume envelopes and looking at a jet press, we were given Dave Fagan’s name as a reference. We called Dave, and he was able to inspect a press for us in Florida. We purchased the press because of the audit he performed. He completed the installation and training for us. I could not ask for any better knowledge and customer service while going through the process.

Thanks, Dave, for all your help and expertise!!

Todd Nugent

The Fenway Group - Boston, MA

I’ve met many people in the 37 years of my career, and you are one of the most passionate about the services you offer. I meet you in 2008 when we needed a tune up and some training. I wrote a testimonial that’s currently on your website based on my experience then. We needed you again in 2013 when an opportunity was presented to us. I called you and told you we needed a 4 Color Super Jet. Your response was “Today’s your lucky day. I’m rebuilding one now and it will be for sale. I contacted and flew out to see your customer who had the press. Much to my dismay, I was told I would not see the press run, but could buy it. I was told you would rebuild and install it.

I looked at it, trusted your experience and purchased the press. I will tell you that I was a little nervous since I didn’t even see an envelope print, let alone see one feed through the press. You came, installed the press, and finished the rebuild. You then spent two weeks training one of my press helpers who had never run a press before.

All I can say is Thank You! I’ve attached a short video so you could see the progress that we’ve made. I look forward to doing future business with you, and feel free to put my second testimonial on your web site.


Mike Zienty

Plant Manager, Magna IV Color Imaging, Inc

I highly recommend Dave Fagan to service and train on jet presses.

We recently purchased a 2-Color Super Jet and a 4-Color Jet Press. We had no prior experience with operating either of these machines. Dave came in, assessed both of them, and made fiscally responsible recommendations with options for us to consider. He completely dismantled the print heads of both presses and replaced all necessary bearings, rollers and associated parts on both the water and ink trains.

After bringing both presses back within specifications, Dave then proceeded to train two of our pressmen on the proper operation of the presses. Dave is not only an installer but is also an operator, which is a rare combination to have. He was able to instruct our pressmen on the optimal running speeds that the press will run at from his own past experience.

We would use Dave again and highly recommend him.

Rich Armstrong

President, The Snowman Group - Herman, ME

David’s service was friendly and informative. He worked in a timely manner and his rates were considerably less than the competitors. I would use David again and would recommend him to other companies.
Steve Imbriano

President, Ozzie Printing Inc.

David was up front with how long the press would be down during the maintenance. This allowed Century to schedule the maintenance during our slow time. The press has always run well and now runs better. Having David available to Century has been a positive experience.
Chris Callahan

VP Operations, Century Direct

Dave not only fixed our problem, but gave a speedy very informative training course which helped us immensely. I can’t say enough good things.
Michael Zienty

Plant Manager, Magna IV Color Imaging, Inc.

I’m pleased to write this letter of recommendation on behalf of Dave Fagan and DDF Consulting. I’ve had the pleasant opportunity to work closely with Dave and DDF since October of 2006. Dave has worked closely with us to expertly install, operate, maintain, and repair our four color, 3 inch and 6 inch jets. He has consistently demonstrated his expertise in this specialty area of printing, and has shown us several tips and tricks that have enabled us to increase our machine productivity and minimize downtime. Dave has also trained our staff on these machines so they can become more self reliant, and productive as well.

While performing his work for us, Dave has shown himself to be honest, personable, dependable, and a real team player, always striving to do the best job he possibly can while sharing his knowledge with others.

I highly recommend Dave to you as you consider your needs for installing, maintaining, and operating envelope printing machines, training production personnel, or for any other similar needs you may have.

Joseph Dumm

Print Center Manager

Deluxe now has a solid partner when it comes to Halm Jet Press rebuilding, training, and troubleshooting. Dave Fagan partnered with Deluxe for four months with goals of improving equipment condition, reliability, and developing maintenance personnel to improve maintenance department bench strength. All goals were met and promises kept.

Dave is knowledgeable, approachable, and became a team player for four months. Dave delivered solid performance and is a pleasure to work with.

John Vogt

Equipment Maintenance Manager, Deluxe Corporation

Dave found problems that others have missed and in the process eliminated problems that others said existed, saving us thousands of dollars!

Production Manager, A Connecticut jet press printing company

David was professional and honest with us at all times. He is very knowledgeable and has an “owner mentality” on how to run a Jet house. It was a pleasure to work with him and we learned a lot.

I have been running a 2 color jet for four years and never liked it. Then, I had the opportunity to run a 4 color jet and wanted nothing to do with it. A few months passed, and Dave came to train us on the jets. I decided to give it a shot. Dave was well versed and very experienced. He explained everything very clearly so even I could understand it. My favorite part of the training was that he showed me what to do, then he had me do it myself. It was very hands on, and Dave never said I was doing it wrong or just told me that he would do it instead. He allowed me to work until I had a question, and when I asked he always answered and showed me what to do. It didn’t even matter how many times I asked the same questions. Dave helped me feel more confident about running the machines and working on them, and because of him, I even like what I do now. It doesn’t bother me walking in to work any more…it’s fun.

Todd Bookhammer

4 Color Pressman, Williamsburg, PA

Meeting Dave from the Jet Press Specialist for the first time was great. He came out to our shop and asked us about our needs and work volume. He then explained the best option on buying the company’s first jet press.

Dave then found and sold to us our first Super Jet Press. He had serviced this press before and told us that it had minimal use and that it was in great shape.

He spent four days training me. I had never run a jet press before. He was a good teacher and explained in detail what the parts did and how they worked. I asked a lot of questions over those four days. Dave was very clear and very patient. The training he offered was hands on. I do believe that is the only way to learn and it made my training go a lot easier.

I have had to call Dave a couple of times with questions since then and he has always gotten right back to me. Boy, it’s nice to have that kind of service!

I would highly recommend Dave to anyone looking to buy or service a jet press.

Bob Williams

D3 Synergy - Marlborough, MA